Buy Underwear in Australia Using Afterpay

When it comes to buying underwear in Australia (or, pretty much, any kind of item), Afterpay allows you to get the product right away and pay later in fortnightly installments which is why the easily used service has been increasing its popularity in the last couple months.

Although there are brands who don’t include Afterpay among their payment options (yet), new businesses join the service each month, so you should be aware of the way it works and the benefits that it has to offer for buyers.

On this post, we’ll cover up the basics of Afterpay and how you can use it to buy underwear in Australia to guarantee that you’ll make the most out of this payment service. Keep scrolling down to join the Afterpay frenzy right now!

How You Can Use Afterpay to Buy Underwear in Australia

1. What is Afterpay?

Let’s start with the basics because, if you’re reading this, you may still wonder what is Afterpay, exactly?

Afterpay is a payment service that makes it possible for buyers to get products of any kind (as long as the retailer/store/brand is affiliated to Afterpay), and pay later, with flexible plans.

What makes Afterpay different to others payment services is that you get the product or item right away, even if you haven’t done any payment in advance. As a result, you don’t have to wait to get that pair of undies that you’ve been DYING to have!

2. What do you need to use Afterpay?

As we mentioned earlier, Afterpay is Australian and, therefore, the first thing you need to use this payment service is an Australian residential address that is verified and official.

As expected, you will also need a valid credit card and to be over 18 years old to use Afterpay in any online shop, for legal reasons.

3. How to buy underwear in Australia with Afterpay?

The first step to use Afterpay is to normally add the items that you want to get to the shopping cart or bag of your favourite online store.

Then, you need to pick Afterpay as your payment method, which will automatically redirect you to Afterpay’s website.

Afterward, you’ll need to log in to your Afterpay account and confirm the payment (you’ll have to create an account or register if it is your first time using the service).

However, you need to take into consideration that you can only shop up until the value of $1000 AUD in most sites (including Frank and Beans), and there are certain fees that you’ll have to pay if you don’t reach the payments in your plan on time.

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Cryptocurrency and Online Shopping

In spite of initial skepticism, cryptocurrency (particularly Bitcoin) is nowhere near to disappearing.

These types of currency are usually seen as an investment, one that is expected to be worth millions over time, according to experts.

However, each month, more online stores are joining the cryptocurrency market, accepting this form of payment on their websites to make it easier for users to get their items.

Just by doing a simple Google search, you’ll find several bitcoin-friendly businesses, so it’s safe to say that there is a place for cryptocurrency in the world of online retailers.

When it comes to fashion and clothing, some big names have refused to take cryptocurrency (so far) and, therefore, missed an opportunity.

On the other hand, other stores enjoy the many advantages of cryptocurrency, such as:

1) After finishing a sale, the transaction is done. Unlike credit cards, with cryptocurrency, there’s no way that the charge will come back later.

2) Every transaction with cryptocurrency equals lower fees than those with credit and debit cards.

3) Cryptocurrency doesn’t require businesses to have any personal information from clients. This way, there’s also a lower risk of fraud.

4) Cryptocurrency is global and, therefore, there’s no extra fee for foreign transactions.

5) With cryptocurrency, business owners get access to the money right away, instead of waiting a couple of days (or weeks!) to receive it.

When it comes to users, cryptocurrency offers the possibility to remain anonymous, similar to transactions with cash, protecting their identity since there’s no way you can be tracked, unless you choose it.

There’s also no banks or other intermediaries, just you and the store get involved in the purchase, making it a direct process with no taxes.

You could also use cryptocurrency from any corner of the world, using your favourite electronic device, and those are just a few of the many virtues of this kind of currency.

Here at Frank and Beans, we accept your cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple or Litecoin.

To make it even better for you, we give you a 10% discount on any payment you complete with cryptocurrency, so you can start shopping right away!

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