Top 5 Affordable Underwear Brands in Australia

Although there are plenty of underwear brands available for purchase in Australia, only a handful of them are affordable for all kinds of users.

That’s why we decided to make a list gathering the top 5 affordable underwear brands in Australia, based not only on price but also on quality, variety, fit and other relevant criteria.

If you’re planning to buy underwear online and are looking for a trustworthy opinion before making a decision, this post is right up your alley.

Top 5 Affordable Underwear Brands in Australia

1) Bonds

Bonds offers high-quality clothes for men, women, and babies at affordable prices.

Among the variety of pieces that you can get on their website, there are different types of underwear including briefs, boxers, bikinis, and g-strings for any season, all made with the best materials available.

Furthermore, Bonds includes special discounts and online sales every once in a while. Keep an eye out on their website, and find out whenever there’s an offer, their items are a great addition to your underwear stack.

2) Aussiebum

Aussiebum is an Australian based brand specialized in underwear and swimwear for male, but they also sell clothing nowadays. They have a large variety of underwear choices that are more risqué and kinky than what you normally find on the Internet.

From jockstraps to low rider briefs and a category for hipsters, the Sidney manufacturer is proud to include many choices for men, to show that the underwear market is not only targeted at females.

If you’re a confident guy searching for undies that break the mold, Aussiebum could be the perfect alternative. Go to their website to see what you could add to your closet right away.

3) Croota

Croota is another Australian underwear brand that has gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years. Their products are both for men and women, including a variety of cuts such as thongs, jocks, briefs, boxers, and bikinis.

Among the benefits of buying undies from Croota’s, besides how affordable their pieces are, is that there’s free shipping to any corner of the world.

For more information about Croota and how you can buy from their catalog, go to their constantly updated website.

4) Mosmann Australia

Mosmann Australia is another brand for both men and women, with a lot of underwear and swimwear alternatives.

Their designs ranked from classic lace ensembles for ladies to modern beach shorts for men, so you’ll have plenty of choices to send as a gift or to buy for yourself, you deserve it.

On Mosmann’s website, you are able to pay with different currencies from any location around the world. As a result, you’ll be able to get affordable underwear to make your collection bigger, without worrying about whether your payment will be received or not.

5) Frank & Beans

Last, but not least, we offer you high-quality underwear for men and women that you can afford. On our website, you can place orders using cryptocurrency, with secured payment for every item.

Frank & Beans includes the best materials in designs that go from briefs and boxer briefs to g-strings and bikinis. We are proud to specialize in comfortable undies that are timeless, but still in trend. Are you ready to buy?

What do you think about our favourite affordable underwear brands? Let us know in the comments!

What Your Favorite Underwear Style Says About You (Male Edition)

Your favorite underwear style says as much about you as your friends and company. 

Guys may not seem to have as many underwear options as girls, but there’s still plenty to choose from. We’d like to tell you what your undies of choice say about who you are.says a lot about your personality, whether you’re a man or a woman.

Keep scrolling down to find out!

What a man’s favorite underwear style says about him

1) Boxer Shorts
Favorite Underwear Style - Boxer Shorts
Favorite Underwear Style – Boxer Shorts

You’re a classic kind of guy who puts comfort over fashion or trends.

Usually, you don’t like to be the center of attention, and your private life remains VERY private.

When it comes to hobbies, you don’t mind some sweat as long as it has to do with outdoor activities, rather than a gym membership.

You prefer to be in charge and to keep things under control. However, it wouldn’t hurt to let go every once in a while. Try something new! You may be missing out.

Get your very own Boxer Shorts here.

2) Briefs
Tom Cruise Favorite Underwear Style Briefs Risky Business
Tom Cruise Favorite Underwear Style –  Briefs (Risky Business)

You are incredibly comfortable in your skin and don’t mind showing off your body.

After all, you work hard on your muscles and are all about the #GymLife, so why hide it?

In the romantic department, you probably have the reputation of being a player, which may or may not be true, but the right person will have your full attention and interest.

You may be scared of commitment and routinary activities but trust us: Fundamentals are the building blocks of fun. Stop running away!

Add some Briefs to your collection through this link.

3) Boxer Briefs
Favorite Underwear Style - Boxer Briefs
Favorite Underwear Style – Boxer Briefs

If this is your favorite underwear style, you got the best of both of worlds: Comfortable in your body but humble, a private person who’s not against being in the spotlight when needed.

You enjoy being out for drinks as much as you like to stay home watching movies, it’s all about variety!

When it comes to love and relationships, you believe that you adapt to each situation or person, but please make sure that your voice is heard.

Drastic mood swings may happen every once in a while, so just remember to take a deep breath before lashing out at others.

Get your very own Boxer Briefs here.

4) Commando

We know, technically this is not a type of underwear, but going commando is still a lot of men’s number one choice.

What does this say about you? It means that you value your freedom and are proud to be as authentic as possible.

We bet you don’t practice sports that often, because no one likes their private parts moving with no sense of control.

You love your body, but don’t necessarily work out, which probably makes a lot of people hate you.

You like casual dating but start to freak out when things start to get serious. Relax! Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re wearing a ball and chain.

Favorite Underwear Style - Commando
Favorite Underwear Style – Commando

Do you agree with these categories? Do you know any other type of underwear we should be talking about? Tell us in the comments and keep an eye on the female edition of this entry (coming soon!)