Buy Underwear in Australia Using Afterpay

When it comes to buying underwear in Australia (or, pretty much, any kind of item), Afterpay allows you to get the product right away and pay later in fortnightly installments which is why the easily used service has been increasing its popularity in the last couple months.

Although there are brands who don’t include Afterpay among their payment options (yet), new businesses join the service each month, so you should be aware of the way it works and the benefits that it has to offer for buyers.

On this post, we’ll cover up the basics of Afterpay and how you can use it to buy underwear in Australia to guarantee that you’ll make the most out of this payment service. Keep scrolling down to join the Afterpay frenzy right now!

How You Can Use Afterpay to Buy Underwear in Australia

1. What is Afterpay?

Let’s start with the basics because, if you’re reading this, you may still wonder what is Afterpay, exactly?

Afterpay is a payment service that makes it possible for buyers to get products of any kind (as long as the retailer/store/brand is affiliated to Afterpay), and pay later, with flexible plans.

What makes Afterpay different to others payment services is that you get the product or item right away, even if you haven’t done any payment in advance. As a result, you don’t have to wait to get that pair of undies that you’ve been DYING to have!

2. What do you need to use Afterpay?

As we mentioned earlier, Afterpay is Australian and, therefore, the first thing you need to use this payment service is an Australian residential address that is verified and official.

As expected, you will also need a valid credit card and to be over 18 years old to use Afterpay in any online shop, for legal reasons.

3. How to buy underwear in Australia with Afterpay?

The first step to use Afterpay is to normally add the items that you want to get to the shopping cart or bag of your favourite online store.

Then, you need to pick Afterpay as your payment method, which will automatically redirect you to Afterpay’s website.

Afterward, you’ll need to log in to your Afterpay account and confirm the payment (you’ll have to create an account or register if it is your first time using the service).

However, you need to take into consideration that you can only shop up until the value of $1000 AUD in most sites (including Frank and Beans), and there are certain fees that you’ll have to pay if you don’t reach the payments in your plan on time.

What do you think about using Afterpay to buy underwear in Australia? Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more online shopping tips and more info on all things related to underwear!
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Top 5 Affordable Underwear Brands in Australia

Although there are plenty of underwear brands available for purchase in Australia, only a handful of them are affordable for all kinds of users.

That’s why we decided to make a list gathering the top 5 affordable underwear brands in Australia, based not only on price but also on quality, variety, fit and other relevant criteria.

If you’re planning to buy underwear online and are looking for a trustworthy opinion before making a decision, this post is right up your alley.

Top 5 Affordable Underwear Brands in Australia

1) Bonds

Bonds offers high-quality clothes for men, women, and babies at affordable prices.

Among the variety of pieces that you can get on their website, there are different types of underwear including briefs, boxers, bikinis, and g-strings for any season, all made with the best materials available.

Furthermore, Bonds includes special discounts and online sales every once in a while. Keep an eye out on their website, and find out whenever there’s an offer, their items are a great addition to your underwear stack.

2) Aussiebum

Aussiebum is an Australian based brand specialized in underwear and swimwear for male, but they also sell clothing nowadays. They have a large variety of underwear choices that are more risqué and kinky than what you normally find on the Internet.

From jockstraps to low rider briefs and a category for hipsters, the Sidney manufacturer is proud to include many choices for men, to show that the underwear market is not only targeted at females.

If you’re a confident guy searching for undies that break the mold, Aussiebum could be the perfect alternative. Go to their website to see what you could add to your closet right away.

3) Croota

Croota is another Australian underwear brand that has gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years. Their products are both for men and women, including a variety of cuts such as thongs, jocks, briefs, boxers, and bikinis.

Among the benefits of buying undies from Croota’s, besides how affordable their pieces are, is that there’s free shipping to any corner of the world.

For more information about Croota and how you can buy from their catalog, go to their constantly updated website.

4) Mosmann Australia

Mosmann Australia is another brand for both men and women, with a lot of underwear and swimwear alternatives.

Their designs ranked from classic lace ensembles for ladies to modern beach shorts for men, so you’ll have plenty of choices to send as a gift or to buy for yourself, you deserve it.

On Mosmann’s website, you are able to pay with different currencies from any location around the world. As a result, you’ll be able to get affordable underwear to make your collection bigger, without worrying about whether your payment will be received or not.

5) Frank & Beans

Last, but not least, we offer you high-quality underwear for men and women that you can afford. On our website, you can place orders using cryptocurrency, with secured payment for every item.

Frank & Beans includes the best materials in designs that go from briefs and boxer briefs to g-strings and bikinis. We are proud to specialize in comfortable undies that are timeless, but still in trend. Are you ready to buy?

What do you think about our favourite affordable underwear brands? Let us know in the comments!
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Cryptocurrency and Online Shopping

In spite of initial skepticism, cryptocurrency (particularly Bitcoin) is nowhere near to disappearing.

These types of currency are usually seen as an investment, one that is expected to be worth millions over time, according to experts.

However, each month, more online stores are joining the cryptocurrency market, accepting this form of payment on their websites to make it easier for users to get their items.

Just by doing a simple Google search, you’ll find several bitcoin-friendly businesses, so it’s safe to say that there is a place for cryptocurrency in the world of online retailers.

When it comes to fashion and clothing, some big names have refused to take cryptocurrency (so far) and, therefore, missed an opportunity.

On the other hand, other stores enjoy the many advantages of cryptocurrency, such as:

1) After finishing a sale, the transaction is done. Unlike credit cards, with cryptocurrency, there’s no way that the charge will come back later.

2) Every transaction with cryptocurrency equals lower fees than those with credit and debit cards.

3) Cryptocurrency doesn’t require businesses to have any personal information from clients. This way, there’s also a lower risk of fraud.

4) Cryptocurrency is global and, therefore, there’s no extra fee for foreign transactions.

5) With cryptocurrency, business owners get access to the money right away, instead of waiting a couple of days (or weeks!) to receive it.

When it comes to users, cryptocurrency offers the possibility to remain anonymous, similar to transactions with cash, protecting their identity since there’s no way you can be tracked, unless you choose it.

There’s also no banks or other intermediaries, just you and the store get involved in the purchase, making it a direct process with no taxes.

You could also use cryptocurrency from any corner of the world, using your favourite electronic device, and those are just a few of the many virtues of this kind of currency.

Here at Frank and Beans, we accept your cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple or Litecoin.

To make it even better for you, we give you a 10% discount on any payment you complete with cryptocurrency, so you can start shopping right away!

Did you find this article useful? Let us know in the comments!


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5 Tips to buy underwear

In the past, we’ve covered the different underwear styles and what they say about a man’s personality. We’ve also discussed the do’s and don’ts of underwear for both men and women.

Therefore, we figured it was time to share some tips to buy underwear that you can follow whether you decide to get them online or at a store. Scroll down for more!

5 Tips to buy underwear

1) Choose the right size

As we said before, is a common mistake to use underwear that is either too big or too tight.

To help you, many brands (including us) offer size charts on their website that you can use for reference to make sure you buy something that fits.

Even if you’re usually an M or an L, we would advise paying attention to what every brand says about their sizes since they can be slightly different.

2) Start with the basics

Similar to most things in life, it’s important to cover the basics when it comes to undies.

If you’re a girl, you’ll need white, black and nude underwear since those three will go with pretty much every outfit. When it comes to styles, you’ll need bikinis, G strings and comfy full briefs along with supportive bras for any occasion.

If you’re a guy, go for boxer briefs, boxer shorts, and briefs in colors such as black, white, gray and navy blue.

Once you got the basics, you can start adding fun, colorful options for special occasions, if you know what we mean.

3) Invest in high-quality

The quality of your underwear is important to guarantee its overall durability.

Whether you buy separate pieces, sets or packs, make sure you invest in high-quality undergarments that will stay with you for longer.

However, keep in mind that you can find great undergarments at a good price since both things are NOT mutually exclusive (go to our shop here).

4) Keep an eye out for online deals

Online underwear shopping offers you the possibility to get special deals that you won’t find at the stores.

Look out for free shipping, coupons, and discounts to make the most out of your shopping experience.

An extra tip? Subscribe to mailing lists to be aware of special sales.

5) Look at online returning policies

Last but not least, don’t forget to read the returning policies before you decide to purchase underwear online.

Most sites won’t allow you to return pieces if they were not what you expected or in your size, so it’s important to know what to expect.

On the other hand, we make it possible for you to return sets to us or exchange them if you don’t like the underwear, which you should keep in mind.

Do you know any other tips to buy underwear online? Share them in the comments!

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Top 5 Underwear Scenes

It’s not a secret that we love underwear, but movies and TV are also among our favorite things. Therefore, we’re very happy when we get to have both (#NetflixAndChill anyone?), like in some iconic underwear scenes.

Here’s a list of the best cinema and television moments revolving around undies, in our humble opinion.

Top 5 Underwear Scenes

1) Bridget Jones’s big panties

The ladies have a lot of choices when it comes to undergarments. Some are more risqué, while others are all about comfort, but most women have a lot of different kinds of underwear for every occasion.

Whether they admit it or not, a girl’s underwear drawer is not complete without (at least) a stomach-holding panty, to keep it all nice and tight.

In Bridget Jones’s Diary, our beloved leading lady is in the middle of a make-out session with her lover (Daniel Cleaver) when he notices her comfy (or “enormous”) knickers.

The result? A hilarious, unforgettable “hello mummy” moment.

2) Salma Hayek in From Dusk Till Dawn

Director Robert Rodriguez knows a thing or two when it comes to picking sexy leading ladies, but he outdid himself when he chose Salma Hayek for the movie From Dusk Till Dawn.

The Latina actress plays a seductive vampire queen whose steamy dance routine with a snake is still as charming these days as it was when the movie was released.

Fun fact: Some believe that this iconic underwear movie scene inspired Britney Spears for her memorable 2001 MTV Video Music Awards performance.

3) When Joey wore women’s lingerie on Friends

On an episode of Friends, Phoebe tells Joey that she’s wearing her (at the time) boyfriend’s underwear and that he wears hers. A curious Joey decides to give it a try and ends up loving it, perhaps a little too much for Phoebe’s judgment.

The pair discusses the different choices women have when buying underwear, with Joey going crazy over fabrics like cotton, silk, and lace. Can you blame him?

4) Christian Bale in American Psycho
Top 5 Underwear Scenes - American Psycho
Top 5 Underwear Scenes – American Psycho

Who would’ve thought that someone with such immaculate white boxer shorts could be so evil?

Christian Bale’s character on American Psycho (called Patrick Bateman) was an expert when it came down to hide his particular interests.

On the outside, he was a wealthy investment banker who would spend his hours among New York’s high society. However, inside the walls of his big mansion, he was also a murderer who enjoyed dancing in his underwear.

Fun fact: Finn Wittrock paid homage to this scene during the Freakshow season of American Horror Story.

5) Tom Cruise in Risky Business

Last but not least: There’s no underwear moment in cinema history as iconic as the infamous Tom Cruise dance in Risky Business.

The scene has been recreated several times in movies and TV shows, ensuring its legacy, and white briefs will always remind you of the routine, even if you haven’t watched the whole movie.

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct
Top 5 Underwear Scenes - Basic Instinct
Top 5 Underwear Scenes – Basic Instinct









In 1992’s movie Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone plays Catherine Tramell, a woman accused of killing a rockstar during sex.

While her interrogation was in process, Catherine would do anything to confuse and shock the investigators. Her antics included smoking and crossing her legs while wearing and skirt and no underwear.

We know this moment is, technically, not an underwear scene, but that’s exactly why it’s so iconic!

Sharon Stone served another movie moment that’s been recreated over and over again.

What do you think about our Top 5 Underwear Scenes? Do you know any others? Let us know in the comments!




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6 Underwear Do’s and Don’ts

As with most things related to fashion, there’s a lot of underwear do’s and don’ts to take into consideration.

To write this list, we thought about what the trends are, what the underwear is going to be used for, and the kind of clothing that would go with it. We also talk a bit about the importance of choosing the right underwear for your body type, and how to take care of your undergarments.

Scroll down to find out what you can do to make sure you make the most out of your underwear!

Underwear Do’s and Don’ts

1) Do: Pick underwear that is your actual size, and fits you properly.

Don’t: Use underwear that is too tight.

It is a common mistake to buy undies or bras that are not in the correct size.

Using the wrong size of underwear feels uncomfortable, looks bad and can even damage your health, so please choose wisely! Learn more about this topic here.

2) Do: Pay attention to fabrics.

Don’t: Buy underwear without looking at its materials.

Whether you buy underwear made out of synthetic or organic material, keep in mind that the wrong kind of fabric can cause rashes, allergies and other skin issues.

It’s important to be aware of how sensitive your skin is before you move onto your next shopping spree. Here are some useful tips to find it out.

3) Do: Be aware of trends.

Don’t: Go overboard with what’s current.

Not every trend works for everybody. While it’s good to be aware of what’s going on in the fashion world, including underwear, you still need to make sure you’re buying things that fit you and your personality.

Furthermore, sometimes trends can be a little… odd. Sticking to the classics will never go out of style.

4) Do: Think about the whole outfit.

Don’t: Ruin what you’re wearing with underwear that doesn’t match.

underwear do's and don'ts

This one is for the ladies: Avoid wearing underwear that doesn’t go with the rest of the outfit. Before you leave the house, make sure that the color of your undergarments doesn’t stick out for all the wrong reasons.

If you’re going to wear something tight, take a look in the mirror to avoid camel toe and choose underwear that compliments your figure. Keep everything in its place!


5) Do: Hand-wash your underwear.

Don’t: Throw your undies in the washing machine (unless you have no choice).

Underwear is probably the most delicate kind of clothing and, if you want to extend its life, you need to take care of it correctly.

Putting your bras, panties, boxers or briefs in the washing machine can damage their overall elasticity, take a toll on the fabric and details, so we would advise you to stick to hand washing.

However, if you’re in a rush, put your undies inside a washing bag, use a special detergent for delicate clothes and start the washing machine cycle.

Don’t forget to air dry! (in case of doubt, look at the washing instructions).

Underwear do: Air dry your undies
Underwear do: Air dry your undies


6) Do: Change your underwear constantly.

Don’t: Keep the same pair of undies on after working out.

Last but not least, at this point, everyone should know to change underwear constantly, particularly after exercising.

However, it’s still a (sadly) common thing to keep wearing the same pair of panties or boxers after sweating, which can lead to infections.

Please, don’t forget to put on another pair of clean undies whenever you get a chance to!

What do you think about this series of underwear do’s and don’ts? Let us know in the comments!
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What Your Favorite Underwear Style Says About You (Male Edition)

Your favorite underwear style says as much about you as your friends and company. 

Guys may not seem to have as many underwear options as girls, but there’s still plenty to choose from. We’d like to tell you what your undies of choice say about who you are.says a lot about your personality, whether you’re a man or a woman.

Keep scrolling down to find out!

What a man’s favorite underwear style says about him

1) Boxer Shorts
Favorite Underwear Style - Boxer Shorts
Favorite Underwear Style – Boxer Shorts

You’re a classic kind of guy who puts comfort over fashion or trends.

Usually, you don’t like to be the center of attention, and your private life remains VERY private.

When it comes to hobbies, you don’t mind some sweat as long as it has to do with outdoor activities, rather than a gym membership.

You prefer to be in charge and to keep things under control. However, it wouldn’t hurt to let go every once in a while. Try something new! You may be missing out.

Get your very own Boxer Shorts here.

2) Briefs
Tom Cruise Favorite Underwear Style Briefs Risky Business
Tom Cruise Favorite Underwear Style –  Briefs (Risky Business)

You are incredibly comfortable in your skin and don’t mind showing off your body.

After all, you work hard on your muscles and are all about the #GymLife, so why hide it?

In the romantic department, you probably have the reputation of being a player, which may or may not be true, but the right person will have your full attention and interest.

You may be scared of commitment and routinary activities but trust us: Fundamentals are the building blocks of fun. Stop running away!

Add some Briefs to your collection through this link.

3) Boxer Briefs
Favorite Underwear Style - Boxer Briefs
Favorite Underwear Style – Boxer Briefs

If this is your favorite underwear style, you got the best of both of worlds: Comfortable in your body but humble, a private person who’s not against being in the spotlight when needed.

You enjoy being out for drinks as much as you like to stay home watching movies, it’s all about variety!

When it comes to love and relationships, you believe that you adapt to each situation or person, but please make sure that your voice is heard.

Drastic mood swings may happen every once in a while, so just remember to take a deep breath before lashing out at others.

Get your very own Boxer Briefs here.

4) Commando

We know, technically this is not a type of underwear, but going commando is still a lot of men’s number one choice.

What does this say about you? It means that you value your freedom and are proud to be as authentic as possible.

We bet you don’t practice sports that often, because no one likes their private parts moving with no sense of control.

You love your body, but don’t necessarily work out, which probably makes a lot of people hate you.

You like casual dating but start to freak out when things start to get serious. Relax! Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re wearing a ball and chain.

Favorite Underwear Style - Commando
Favorite Underwear Style – Commando

Do you agree with these categories? Do you know any other type of underwear we should be talking about? Tell us in the comments and keep an eye on the female edition of this entry (coming soon!)



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Boxer Shorts or Boxer Briefs ?

Boxer Shorts, Briefs or Boxer Briefs. How can we live without Boxer Shorts, Briefs of Boxer Briefs? The changes in fashion world influence both genders. Men are now showing more concern than ever when it comes to their underwear.  Gone are the days leaving it to their mum, wife or girlfriend to buy their underwear are slowly disappearing. Guys are now taking charge of buying their underwear and know exactly what they want. Mens underwear, manufactured using different fabrics and designs. Among all available styles, one such style which is popular among most of the guys is boxer shorts and boxer briefs.

Boxer Shorts

Boxers Shorts are the loosest and most comfortable of all styles. Shorts have straight cut leg openings and they cover thighs and butt. The length may vary from eight to sixteen inches. Tapered boxes have leg openings that can fit your thigh, with side vents providing more free movements.

Boxer Shorts
Boxer Shorts in many colours

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs, the middle ground between boxer and brief. This type of underwear can be worn under tighter pants and during athletic activities. Boxer briefs are available in spandex or cotton material.

Hence, each of these clothing items has its fans and everyone has their reason as to why they prefer one over the other. However, on a more objective note.

Boxer Briefs
Sky Blue Boxer Briefs

Boxer Shorts may have a little something over the briefs


The men’s boxer shorts are a more recent fashion item as compared to the briefs and most modern men want to wear boxers if only for fashion’s sake. In many societies, wearing briefs is seen as being old-fashioned. Therefore, to keep in trend with fashion, it may be advisable to wear the men’s boxer shorts.


Boxer Shorts hang loosely on men’s nether region, giving the area ventilation needed. Health experts advocate for boxers as they keep the pelvic area cool and all privates relaxed, unlike the briefs that hold the private parts more firmly together thus keeping the area warmer.


When it comes to comfort, it is hard to side with either of the garments. This is because comfort is more of personal preference. However, it is more logical to view the Men’s boxer shorts as being more comfortable as the clothing hangs loosely on the pelvic region and thereby making one more freer. However, many men who switch from briefs to boxers will normally feel uncomfortable in the first few days as they feel their private parts loosened up. Having said that many guys like firmer underwear, which can be a nice feel as well.

Right Size

If you are not sure about your size or you keep fluctuating your size, then boxers is definitely the choice for you. Men’s boxer shorts loosely hang over the body. One can wear a wide range of sizes and still fit well. On the other hand, briefs are designed more to fit against your body. Getting the wrong size will either leave you with an firmer fitting brief or a loosely hanging one.

Extra Coverage

Boxers run much lower than briefs thus covering more of the body. This is especially important for men who like to wear only a boxer in the house with others in the house. Covering more of the body will give you more privacy.

Conversely, modern guys prefer to choose men’s underwear which offers lots of styles and design. They are looking for the style which goes well with their pants. Moreover, if you are willing to go for beach activities or to dive in swimming pool then just take off your pants and dive in with confidence. Both Boxer briefs and shorts are well suited for any athletic activities.

Have you decided what you prefer ? If not check out here or go directly to our Frank and Bean online underwear shop here

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Buying Underwear Online? Let’s Make That Easy For You

Buying underwear online is not an easy task. Underwear is something that demands great fit and comfort that you can’t blindly buy online. Neither you can try nor you can easily return the product. Therefore, at Frank and Beans we have taken care of all the problems that you might face in choosing an underwear online. We take away your apprehension of what will come out of the Australia Post satchel.

At Frank and Beans, you will discover a wide variety of underwear for both Men and Women. Made of high quality breathable and stretchable cotton, we take pride in our products.

Men’s Underwear variety at Frank and Beans

Our Underwear durability and comfortable make them indispensable for guys who lead an active, busy or chilled lifestyle. We sell only Boxers that are always a great feel promising a great fit.

But who says comfortable cannot be interesting? We believe underwear doesn’t need to be boring and therefore, each of our luxurious satin boxer shorts are an exciting addition to your underwear collection providing you a soft and silky support at the same time.

Premade packs of 3,6, 8 available for  all your desired colour dreams. Single garments can be purchased. If you don’t like the packs available in Boxer Shorts above, you can simply choose from one of the pre-assembled packs of Boxer Briefs of 3, 5, 6, and 12 Boxer Shorts/Boxer Briefs available. Simply select the product and hit the BUY button.

For further convenience shopping for underwear online for your underwear, Frank and Beans has mixed packs of boxer shorts and boxer briefs available in 4 and 8 factory packs. This means you don’t have to select separate items, choose size and colors for each item, and add them to the cart. This means SAVE

SAVE SAVE dollars. Just select the size one time for the whole pack and buy it with a single click.

Underwear Online
Frank and Beans Boxer Briefs

Women’s Underwear Online with variety at Frank and Beans

Hey ladies, Frank and Beans has a wide range of underwear online for women as well. It’s summer and bikinis are in order to enjoy this short, delightful season on the beach. Whether you’re looking for bikini, boy leg, full briefs or G-strings, we have them all. Always a perfect design to suit all body shapes and provide comfort and support.

All of our collection is available in fun colors to match your outfits. The handy packs of 5 and 10 underwear make the purchase quite effortless.

To sample Frank and Beans underwear range for women, choose the sample pack that has a single piece of bikini, boy leg, full brief and G-string each so you can test all our products in a single purchase.

Underwear online
Frank and Beans Black Bikini Brief

Payment Methods
Payment methods  only available for your convenience making your new underwear purchase a breeze. You can pay via Paypal, Credit Card, Bitcoin or Afterpay which gives you 60 days interest free, giving you the opportunity to buy now and pay later.
All our underwear come with FREE exchanges within 30 days with a complete money back guarantee.

The top-notch quality fabric, international standard sizes, fun colors, convenient packs, and signature Frank and Beans waistband elastic makes it all too tempting to give it a try! So what are you waiting for??

Log In and start adding interesting items to your underwear drawer – Click to start shopping for your underwear now

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